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happyrobot chocolate shake finder
new york city has everything or so i was told.
being a fan of the basic chocolate shake i soon found they were sometimes hard to find. these are my notes on finding a decent shake in nyc.
(probably a bit biased by location being that i don't venture north of 23rd St very often)
this is a growing list, so feel free to add your own
Send us your fave

Ciao Bella Gelato 262 Mott Street
their ice cream is incredible, and Evan reports that their milkshakes are too (i guess that would make sense). i need to run down there and check them out.

Bendix Diner 8th ave & 21st i wish i lived near the Bendix. they have a huge menu, and their prices are decent. the milkshakes have plenty of ice cream in them, but i thought they could stand to have a bit more of a chocalate taste.

Eisenberg's Sandwich 174 fifth ave (22&23)
currently my favorite. Eisenberg's is very small and basically a lunch counter (since 1929). the shakes are dope, though. they have a slightly malty taste, nice texture, and that important home made taste. get it with a grilled cheese and turkey sandwich and nap the rest of the afternoon.

Andrew's everywhere, but the one i go to : 5th ave (20&19)
there seem to Andrew's diners all over. we go here from time to time, but more often sneak in on our 3:30 cookie break for a shake. thick and chocolatey - a good basic shake.

Ray's 113 Avenue A (Between St. Marks Pl and 7th St)
Ray's is a tiny little store that was recently voted to have the best egg creams in the city. they also have a great (and cheap) shake. get one and go sit in the park.

Island Burgers and Shakes 766 Ninth Avenue
this is on 9th and 40-something. i have actually not been here yet, but everyone says their shakes are the ones to beat.

Chat 'n' Chew 10 E. 16th Street
it just doesn't seem that i will ever get a milkshake here. last time i went, the blender was broken. poo. people say their $5 shakes do rock, though.

Hollywood Diner 6th ave / 16th street
in their heyday, you could get seated and served in under 3 minutes. they are slipping a bit, but their shakes are pretty good.