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July 2012
July 2 - Monday
These Americans
John Barker, ex-slave, Abilene,Texas.
These Americans: Warhol Polaroids
Building Collaspe
No, really. Apple: Please make a TV!
Where was this yesterday when I needed it?
Faux News?
Journatic = Faux News?
July 3 - Tuesday
Library of Congress Photo Archives Also Amazing
I'm so busy
The Tour de France Turns 99
Andy Griffith - Darlings - There Is A Time
July 4 - Wednesday
Fried Chicken and Waffle Grilled Cheese
Guess who is going to Narrowsburg for the 4th?
July 5 - Thursday
Tour de Horse
California's Foiepocalypse!
July 6 - Friday
Maybe you could just blow up a little planet? No?
Sympathy for the Romney
Your device will never get better
Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee
July 7 - Saturday
Fifty Shades of Grey
Fifty Shades of Grey
July 8 - Sunday
Things on a dogs head
July 9 - Monday
With Ernest passing away, people will be spending a lot of time at the Airwolf Forum
AirWolf Fan-Fiction Movies
I Love You, Miley Cyrus
Pretty Mars
Kim Jong Un's Official Theme Song
July 10 - Tuesday
The Bible Was 'Terribly Wrong' About Slavery, But Not About Homosexuality
The Hunger Diaries
The New Season of 'Louie' Started
Tortilla Factory!
North Korean Mystery Woman
Your Bike Bells are Sweeeet
Brooklyn's Iconic Sunbathing Thong Man!
July 11 - Wednesday
I was a right-wing child star
Enormous Towel!
Brooklyn's Artisanal Spacesuits
Income Inequality in America
You need to massage your kale
Super Golden Friends
July 12 - Thursday
The Honest Mix Tape/CD
Knowing is half the battle
The Hapeville Dwarf House
How I discovered Jay Leno and David Letterman
Rapping Bible
July 13 - Friday
Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee
Supertrain Opening Credits
Hinault Rides off Cliff
July 16 - Monday
15 Year Old Fire
Awesome Spinning GIFs
July 17 - Tuesday
Here are parts of a bird
Tom Cruise can move objects with his mind
Pirate Pants
July 18 - Wednesday
70s Design
There's an octopus on your house
Ted is working on a project to discover what the best word is
All Hail Mayor Stubbs
We the tiny fraction of people
Interns Review Albums
July 19 - Thursday
You didn't build that
Yesterday's thunderstorm was crazy pants
How top executives lived - in 1955
Don't stand in food
Juding Books by the Covers
July 20 - Friday
Review of Fifty Shades of Grey
Science vs Faith
Marry Cousin? Become Dumb.
Things to drink in public
This is NOT the James Holmes arrested for the #AuroraShooting
We are less-violent amazingly
Louie Gohmert is an idiot
"we as Americans are basically experts at this kind of thing by"
July 22 - Sunday
Mitt's Speculative Financial Fiction
Maru has a hat
July 23 - Monday
Subway Pumpery
French Cheeses don't kill
The Filming Locations of Annie Hall
I'm vouching for these. They rock.
Jersey Donkeys
July 24 - Tuesday
The Sunday Conversation: Rob Corddry
The worst drought in 50 years
Six things "Christians" should stop "believing" about Gay people
Scripture And Homosexuality: A Look At Verses
Hello, I'm a Detestable Abomination
July 25 - Wednesday
Big Head Squirrel Feeder
Alien Abductee Portraits
Stanley Wiggins for the win!
Mitt Romney would restore 'Anglo-Saxon' relations between Britain and America
New Chick-Fil-A Sandwich! Not Gay!
July 26 - Thursday
The Most-Viewed Photo Of All Time?
The proverbial "really good" science-fiction movie
You must try the wet mush at this place
The verdict: ridiculicious. Very tasty.
My Belly
Great Grandson Of L. Ron Hubbard Blasts Scientology
July 27 - Friday
Unrequited Dolphin Love
New Healthcare Law Brings Relief to One Business
Philip Michael Thomas is full of ambition, full of goodwill and full of charm.
Andy Warhol and Nico as Batman and Robin
Rock Lobster
July 28 - Saturday
Example #27,082 of religion makes people crazy
Kirk Cameron: Monumental
July 30 - Monday
Domsey: Gone
Chateau Diana: Wine Product
In Defense of Dressage
July 31 - Tuesday
Omar and the Olympic Banana
New Greeting Cards
NPR is having too much fun saying "Pussy Riot"
Carole Lokan-Moore: "there were no gays or queers in our time"
The 1908 London Olympics
Musicians: They make the big money!