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telemarketers love to call our house and we get offers for credit cards literally everyday. it's annoying and in terms of the mail, i suspect a little unsafe. i spent an afternoon trying to contact all the companies that contact us to get our names removed and had very little luck. the best of all is when i called AT&T, and they assured me they would remove my name, and then tried to sell me stuff. the idiot lady had this great script, and didn't seem to realize that i wasn't very happy with her company in the first place. i felt sorry for her.

this page will hopefully grow as i find more information. i hope it helps.

when you write to these companies, you will need to include all your information - name, address, phone, and social security #. i don't know why you need to include your ss#, but the majority of them ask for it.

The Do Not Call list has moved into the federal arena. If you are not signed up for this, well then... what's your problem? We have been on the NY State one since it started and our telemarketing has dropped to about zero.

  • That call may put you on telemarketing list: Simple questions are considered an inquiry, a do-not-call loophole
  • Telemarketers Apparently Use Contest Forms To Establish Business Relationship
  • The DMA's doesn't like the new Do Not Call list laws
  • Telemarketers sue over do-not-call list
  • Anti-Telemarketing List Opens for Registration

  • facts I have found...

    unsolicited faxes are actually against the law. a few months back our home phone number had got onto someone's fax "blaster" software and it would call around 3am. We finally hooked up the ol' fax software on my computer and got their fax and called them. it was some dumb coffee supply company in Canada.

    the point of all this rambling was that i had called the phone company while all this was happening, and they told me that their "harassing calls policy" doesn't cover faxes. it seems the trick is to contact the fcc.

    the Telephone Consumer Protection Act states that unsolicited faxes are illegal, and apparently it's as simple as mailing them the offending fax. I found some info about it on the Direct Marketing Site.

    call the phone company and modify your directory listing.
    i called and had my listing changed to my middle name and my address removed. actually, i should just get it completely removed, but i am interested to see how many calls i get with people using my middle name.

    our pals at CitiBank are always calling me at 9:00am and waking me up. I really think 9am is too early for telemarketing, but i was dismayed to find this on the DMA website...
    Two federal regulations, the Telephone Consumer Protection Act and the Telemarketing Sales Rule, set the allowable calling hours from 8:00 am -- 9:00 pm (the consumer's time). Days of the week are not restricted, but some consumers probably do not consider it to be reasonable to be called on a weekend.

    The New York Times have the most obnoxious telemarketing staff in the world. I swear. Here is a goofy letter I wrote to them: I'd like to get home delivery of the new york times.


    anti-telemarketing counterscript

    a guy named fred has a pretty extensive site about how to rid yourself of telemarketing. check it out:


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    who to write to
    get your name off their lists

    these nice people use your credit report files in order to send you credit card bills and other crap. write them and include all your info to opt-out
    Experian Information Solutions
    PO Box 919
    Allen TX

    Trans Union Corporation
    Attn: Marketing Opt-Out
    PO Box 97328
    Jackson MS

    what i wrote them
    Please do not share any information in my credit report. I would like to opt-out of all offers permanently. Please send confirmation when this is done via mail.
    You can also contact the Direct Marketing Association
    Junk Mail - Send your name and address to:
    DMA Mail Preference Service
    P.O. Box 9008
    Farmingdale NY 11735-9008

    Telemarketing - Send your name, address and phone number to:
    DMA Telephone Preference Service
    P.O. Box 9014
    Farmingdale NY 11735-9014

    you can opt-out of all bank/credit card junkmail and telemarketing here

    Citibank Processing Center
    CN 3178
    Mailstop UCS
    South Hackensack NJ

    No junk from American Express
    po box 7852
    ft lauderdale fl

    what i wrote them
    do not share my information with any of your affiliates or subsidaries
    (please include ss#)

    No junk from First USA credit card company
    First USA
    PO Box 8650
    Wilmington DE

    what i wrote them
    Please remove my name, address, and phone number from any offers of goods and services.

    no telemarketing from AT&T

    0300 Small ISO
    PO Box 25691
    Miami Lakes, Florida