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:: December 2007 ::
» My Top Ten Favorite Year in Review Lists of 2007
» How much is y'alls robot?
» Dreaming of holiday Zunes and buckets
» Mr. Tin-Can pays more than the minimum balance
» The one where I celebrate special things about myself

:: November 2007 ::
» As a teen, I was distracted by lint
» Robot Meme: Who will be president in 2008 (wrap-up)
» Who will be president in 2008 (if Tim doesn't run)
» Interwebs Meme: Clarence Carter has some questions for you

:: October 2007 ::
» The Many Days Late Internet Meme Eight Random Things Halloween Version
» Smiley Smile Smile
» Top Ten Reasons Why NOW is the time to make websheets
» The Heights. Fear of.
» October makes me crazy for paper

:: September 2007 ::
» Eleven Open Letters
» Seven
» Hoyt-Schermerhorn @ 8:46
» Blog worthy

:: August 2007 ::
» Hola Ocracoke!
» The Brooklyn Twister of 2008
» Get your moles checked! (or "Farewell Two-color roundy and Splotchy")

:: July 2007 ::
» This was the perfect Brooklyn evening
» Questions I am asked most about martial arts
» Happy Birthday Jerks
» Love/Hate (the food meme thing)
» The post about Brooklyn where I use the word "douche bag" five times
» I don't have an iPhone

:: June 2007 ::
» Washington DC - America Towne USA
» That's some good chicken(s)
» My Life of Trickery

:: May 2007 ::
» My body hates me. Here's why.
» Out of Context SMS - Volume II
» Afternoon coffee makes me ponchy (and/or ranty)
» Sunday Dinner (AKA I like lamb)
» Rich likes to... (do internets memes!!!!)

:: April 2007 ::
» Spring in the house. Waving hands like I just don't care.
» The Plague, Not Helping, and Photographing Small Children (oh, and stains)
» I mention mattress stains.
» An open letter to lazy ass doped up Americans

:: March 2007 ::
» If cancer were a person
» A horse grows in Brooklyn
» Fat Robot: Ripping off HonkyCracker who is ripping off Pat

:: February 2007 ::
» I'm internet blogging the oscars!!!!!
» An Open Letter to Giles in the UK regarding President's Day
» Life without Anna Nicole
» Achoo! RSS! Sniffle. Steak. Achoo!
» Fun. Food. Fun. Food. Cake. Fun.
» Eight videos I have watched because it's my birthday today and I can do whatever I want and it's happyrobot 8th's birthday and it can do whatever it wants.
» Dear Gabriel on your 2nd day birthday

:: January 2007 ::
» My morning as the State of the Union Address
» Hello Hawaii - Part III (or "Maui, you so pretty")
» Hello Hawaii - Part II (or "OMIGOD LAVA!")
» Hello Hawaii - Part I (or "Aloha Sweet Jesus")
» Mazzy: Good Girl

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