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› Sunday 3/13/2005
Road Dust:  half of my real estate is on the burn pile
Sunshine Jen:  The Singapore Sling
Solstice:  In even these the waning days of the campaign
› Monday 3/14/2005
Tropical Depression:  On Family:
Learning to Fall:  cast away.
Lisa Says:  t-minus 4 weeks, t-minus 5 weeks & puppies
Nutshell Kingdom:  In Heaven, There Are No Pretty People
Art Colony:  an inordinate horror...
elanamatic:  Distractions
Art Colony:  D.M.V.
Solstice:  The grandparents
Poop Beetle:  And lift your chin up, just a bit, and look over here, very nice
› Tuesday 3/15/2005
Nutshell Kingdom:  Brains cannot defeat me when I'm stoned, little darlin'
Learning to Fall:  cast on.
Cootie Girl:  predictions for the next 7 days
Pony:  music
Film and Television Rights:  I Sometimes Wear Clothes
Nutshell Kingdom:  Where In the World is Timothy Wagner?
› Wednesday 3/16/2005
Nutshell Kingdom:  iPod concerns
Lisa Says:  FCK
Film and Television Rights:  Cleaning out the Closet (LES or Midtown)
Tropical Depression:  The Boy
Cootie Girl:  Kelly's Daily Libra Forecast
Pony:  strange jobs
Robot Journal:  Hard to Find Tools
Learning to Fall:  wipe.
Nutshell Kingdom:  impressionability
Dog Years:  I don't believe in writer's block and I don't believe in you
Art Colony:  Question???
› Thursday 3/17/2005
Solstice:  Tricky the Cosmonaut
Learning to Fall:  slip ons.
Art Colony:  inca inca
Nutshell Kingdom:  It's Awake ...
Nutshell Kingdom:  a pattern of lies
Pony:  kosher meat just can't be beat
Dog Years:  a clean eye is a keen eye
Tropical Depression:  Wine Times
Pony:  the dangers of ice
› Friday 3/18/2005
Art Colony:  last midterm at 9 AM central time. wish me luck, please :)
Learning to Fall:  celebrity.
Post-Modern Drunkard:  Pot, Kettle, Drunk
Road Dust:  sometimes I disgust myself
Nutshell Kingdom:  the dice game
› Saturday 3/19/2005
Learning to Fall:  squeaks.
Art Colony:  the incredibly pedantic Bollywood movie
Tropical Depression:  Win Some, Lose Some
Solstice:  Spending your tax dollars so you won't have to...

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