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› Sunday 4/24/2005
Tropical Depression:  lessons learned
Film and Television Rights:  Invention
Cootie Girl:  Thoughts for a Sunday afternoon ....
Adult Content:  FirefoXXX
Solstice:  My time in crazyland - part II
Learning to Fall:  like a farm.
› Monday 4/25/2005
Film and Television Rights:  Self-Portrait as Diane Weinstock in Guatemala, 1994
Pony:  Passing over the academics
Art Colony:  lousy
Learning to Fall:  was more.
Gator Country:  mr. bennigan
Solstice:  Love Again! Sex, well maybe
› Tuesday 4/26/2005
Honky Cracker:  Tag Team: Dred Pirate Davey vs. Honky Cracker
Dog Years:  Mailbox
Film and Television Rights:  Self-Portrait as Notes for a Motion Picture (Dramatic Comedy)
elanamatic:  Pesach By The Numbers
Art Colony:  the brainiac
Learning to Fall:  and it.
Pony:  tv time
Sunshine Jen:  The Book People
Art Colony:  my last column wasn't good so here's a new one
Ornithopter:  Animals That Erik Has Requested We Get And Keep At Our House & Why I Have Nixed These Ideas
Robot Journal:  Ironically, I am rejecting your rejection - Volume II
Solstice:  Whatever is Something
› Wednesday 4/27/2005
Tropical Depression:  grapes. clouds, briefly.
Film and Television Rights:  Jack Paar vs. the US Navy
Pony:  girlish
Art Colony:  teeen meenutes
Learning to Fall:  years ago.
Cootie Girl:  I need a pill
Adult Content:  Spongecrotch Cumpants--The Today Sponge Is Back!
Solstice:  When Will It Come?
› Thursday 4/28/2005
Road Dust:  BC and AD
Dog Years:  I ride my bike to work
Art Colony:  f*ck you, Mickey D's
Film and Television Rights:  Self-Portrait as Harry Harlow, the Scientist of Love
Learning to Fall:  about two.
Post-Modern Drunkard:  Please Don't Confront Me With My Failures. I Have Not Forgotten Them
Ornithopter:  The State That I Am In
Poop Beetle:  banana milkshakes are better than drugs
Lisa Says:  motherhood is kicking my ass!
Solstice:  Sunshine in a Bag
› Friday 4/29/2005
Art Colony:  The X-Factor
Film and Television Rights:  !
Pony:  Friday Confession
Adult Content:  Witness To My Own Most Embarrassing Moment
Robot Journal:  Did someone just turn up the sexy?
Cootie Girl:  newscaster hair
Nutshell Kingdom:  there is no one what will take care of you
Tropical Depression:  Ex-boyfriend exit interview
Learning to Fall:  a little boy.
Sunshine Jen:  Manchester Chekhov Monster
› Saturday 4/30/2005
Road Dust:  The Dead Badge of Courage
Film and Television Rights:  Self-Portrait as a Love Note
Art Colony:  Bring your Pepto-Bismol to Work Day

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