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› Sunday 6/19/2005
Solstice:  Solstice
Solstice:  So Fookin' 'appy all the time
Solstice:  Twaining Marksmanship
Learning to Fall:  slip out.
› Monday 6/20/2005
Honky Cracker:  Happy Father's Day, son!
Pony:  Taste of meat on a stick
Art Colony:  a request
Sunshine Jen:  Truffle Haiku Quintet
Learning to Fall:  it's official.
Solstice:  You must know this about me.
River Rat:  A trip home, part I.
› Tuesday 6/21/2005
Robot Journal:  Wine Club #13: White Burgundy
Nutshell Kingdom:  Meeting an Ex-Flame in the Supermarket Aisle
Art Colony:  it was an honest mistake
Pony:  lamb dinner
Film and Television Rights:  The Two-Acre Lot (excerpts)
Nutshell Kingdom:  A Scene from the Musical
Learning to Fall:  sit me.
Solstice:  Do you realize?
Solstice:  The Longest Most Long Day
› Wednesday 6/22/2005
Tropical Depression:  ready and willing
The Wrong Squid:  Party with Meerkats
Art Colony:  nonno
Film and Television Rights:  The Two-Acre Lot (excerpts, part 2)
Robot Journal:  Robot Orlando and Dawn
Pony:  zombies, larb and long island ice teas
Sunshine Jen:  Soup
Nutshell Kingdom:  How to Make Someone's Day a Little Poignant
River Rat:  a trip home, part II--dip me in the water.
› Thursday 6/23/2005
Solstice:  Spheres in the Sky
Solstice:  Proud Pride and Websites
The Wrong Squid:  Spice it up
Nutshell Kingdom:  Boy, 34, Needs Parents
Cootie Girl:  license agreement
Art Colony:  sunburned in 20 minutes
Gator Country:  billy's first pig (pt. 1)
Film and Television Rights:  The Two-Acre Lot (excerpts part 3)
River Rat:  a trip home, part III, smoke on the water
Nutshell Kingdom:  Tonight
Klutch.xls:  Like Hugh Downs I'm on that 20/20
Solstice:  Me and Matt Malloy
Solstice:  I'm in (the 90's)
› Friday 6/24/2005
Robot Journal:  The Twenty Guiding Principles of Robot
Honky Cracker:  20 Albums. 20 Years.
Post-Modern Drunkard:  It's What You Like, Not What You ARE Like, That Matters
Tim!:  Top Twenty All Time Desert Island Must Have Albums Recorded Sometime in the Last Twenty Years
Nutshell Kingdom:  Records
Ornithopter:  A Little Dog Named Snuggles...
The Wrong Squid:  After 1984, it's all downhill
Lisa Says:  my 20 from 20
Art Colony:  i'm 20, so here are 20
Pony:  20 albums?
Film and Television Rights:  Twenty Albums
Cootie Girl:  twenty in twenty
elanamatic:  twenny
Upgrown and Overblown:  Fourth and Inches
Sunshine Jen:  20 Albums that Kicked My Ass
Learning to Fall:  eat cake.
Teen News:  20/20
River Rat:  20/20
Dog Years:  20 Favorite Listenings
Tropical Depression:  These things take time
Poop Beetle:  music plus explanation
› Saturday 6/25/2005
Gator Country:  pas.de.deadline.so.sorry.aiight
Art Colony:  mellowing out as it's heating up
Robot Journal:  Summary: My top twenty favorite albums of the last twenty years

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