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› Sunday 2/20/2005
Poop Beetle:  let me train you
Learning to Fall:  what is uncouth?
Art Colony:  Aeneid, I hate you! (I finished the paper)
› Monday 2/21/2005
Solstice:  Friday, February 18, 2005
Solstice:  Saturday, February 19th
Nutshell Kingdom:  I was half-way to the office when the drugs began to take hold...
Art Colony:  the ice...is gonna break
Solstice:  Interpol: Sunday the 20th
Pony:  Earbuds
Learning to Fall:  making change.
Solstice:  Hunter S. Thompson - Monday the 21st
› Tuesday 2/22/2005
Post-Modern Drunkard:  All my life my heart has sought a thing I cannot name
Road Dust:  BTDT
Nutshell Kingdom:  I was unrecognizable to myself
Art Colony:  yay! first exam is over
Nutshell Kingdom:  Why Red Sox baseball cannot happen fast enough (Reason 1)
Lisa Says:  spring
Klutch.xls:  Sorry for the tears
Film and Television Rights:  The Ball Family
Learning to Fall:  ten year old goof.
› Wednesday 2/23/2005
Honky Cracker:  I'm Gonna Make You Love The Sox
Art Colony:  Tap tap tap... is this mic on?
Film and Television Rights:  Why is it exactly that you use a funny voice?
Cootie Girl:  blood everywhere
Film and Television Rights:  John Ball and John Jr.
Sunshine Jen:  Don't Run In Heels
Ornithopter:  February
elanamatic:  How do you doodle dee doo?
Learning to Fall:  quite a gentleman.
Solstice:  The Primal Players: first my father
› Thursday 2/24/2005
Nutshell Kingdom:  people without babies
Art Colony:  sriracha!
Nutshell Kingdom:  window on the world
Pony:  Not one of those days
Cootie Girl:  Money Money Money Mon-ney
Robot Journal:  I am wearing my favorite smashing brown slacks - dig em!
Learning to Fall:  another dollar.
Solstice:  Daddy addendum
› Friday 2/25/2005
Art Colony:  fashion disasters from my past
Film and Television Rights:  Courage
Honky Cracker:  How Twenty Starts: September 2, 1997
The Wrong Squid:  It's bacon!
Learning to Fall:  detention time.
› Saturday 2/26/2005
Klutch.xls:  Pope on a rope
Sunshine Jen:  Two New Pieces of Information
Art Colony:  my stupid cranky self
Pony:  No Effin Merlot!
Solstice:  OSCARS!

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