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I just spoke to John Lawton, and he told me you thought I was "ugly." I have never been so insulted in all my life. Sure, I want to kick you in the balls and, God willing, someday that dream will become a reality, but for you to slander my good name, and more importantly, my good looks - well that's just a grave injustice. You will pay for this Matt Johnson. You will pay dearly.

He also said you liked "Panic Room" which really makes me question you sanity.

I'm very disappointed in you. I might even say I'm ashamed to be your arch enemy. (I suppose having a strong desire to kick you in the balls, a desire that has persisted for over two years, qualifies me as your arch enemy. Also, time travelling into the past from the year 2037 to stop me from kicking you in the balls would mean that your future self considers me your arch enemy as well. Unless....no, that's painful to think about...)


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