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So the other day I was going to catch my bus in the beautiful part of the city that the Port Authority bus terminal is located, and I bumped into (not literally, but I could have if I wanted to) a gaggle of young punk rock kids, smoking cigarettes and trying to look tough.

They had this, "What are you lookin' at old man? You have no idea what our music means to us. You wouldn't even understand the lyrics" look as I walked past.

The kicker is, I think one of them was wearing clothes I threw away a few years ago; A "Damned" T-shirt, black army pants, and combat boots. There was an assortmnet of Dead Kennedy's shirts, and they all had the proper patches and punk rock bands painted on thier leather jackets.

I told John this story, and he's convinced someone is selling a punk rock "starter kit" somewhere on St. Marks.


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