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I was thinking. If you were cloned, would i have a grudge against the Matt Johnson clone as well? And would that be a seperate grudge, or would kicking either you or the clone in the balls (and not both) satisfy the grudge.

If you recall, I did kick the future Matt Jonhson in the balls when you (he) so cleverly tried to go back in time and cheat me of the chance to seek sweet ball kicking revenge on the present day Matt Johnson (namely you), and that didn't seem to satisfy my need to kick the present day Matt Johnson in the balls. That leads me to believe that if I kicked your clone in the balls, I wolud not be satisfied. I would have to continue to seek out your orginal balls.

I think I would have to kick both sets of balls (both yours and your clone's) just to be safe.

By the way, Your clones are very impressive.


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