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I had a thought: It's been three years since you sent my life on a downward spiral by your heartless act of treachery. How long has it been since that company of yours HRONE, went out of business? I'm willing to split the difference with you.

I'll only seek justice for the days that your stupid company was actually functioning, and I was not working there. All the time between the day your closed your doors onward, is not going to be logged in my book of grudges. How does that sound?

See, I'm not an unreasonable man. Not like you.

Side note:
You still have extra licks coming for hiring that Andrew character, and even more for not hiring me after he quit. And, for every day you are in Spain, I get one free kick. (That's only because you shouldn't be allowed to go on vacation before this is settled) For that matter, you get double licks for each vacation day you took during the "Grudge Period."

If you had just taken the ten shots that I orginally offered, you would have saved yourself a whole lot of grief.


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