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I am sorry. I'm sure your balls are nice enough, but I just don't have the same drive to kick your balls that I do to kick Matt's. Perhaps it is not just the "idea of Matt Johnson" that I need to kick in the balls, as I have been saying all along. Perhaps it is truly Matt Johnson's balls that need to be kicked.

I'm sure you're a nice enough guy. I'm sure that given the chance, you would hold out a golden apple, and when I reached for it, you would pull it away and laugh. Then you would begin handing out golden apples to all my friends and I would say, "Hey, what about my golden apple?" and you would laugh at me. But even so, I just can't bring myself to kick you in the balls.

I miss Matt. Only Matt is worthy of pain and suffering that I need to deliver.

Poor Raj. Not only do I have to kick you in the balls, but it won't even be a heart felt kick in the balls.

Poor Raj,


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