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You have displayed for all the world to see that you are a coward, and therefore much deserving of the pending kick in he balls, when you arrive in the US, and take on the roll that Matt Johnson has left temporarily vacant. A brave man would have run with the bulls - you did not.

Matt Johnson also has passed up the chance of a lifetime. He also did not run with the bulls. This is a great injustice. This is a great act of cowardice. Luckily for Matt, he will not have to suffer for his acts of cowardice, because you, Raj, will take the punishment in his stead.

It is a well-known fact that one who is the object of a vendetta must "Run with the Bulls" or "Run with the wolves" whenever the possibility presents itself. You have both failed to do so; therefore you have dishonored your families, and further discredited yourselves.

I am ashamed.


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