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Friday, August 30th

Breakfast - nothing
Lunch - vegetable fried rice, teryaki chicken
Dinner - nothing

Saturday, August 31st

Breakfast - bagel with creamcheese
Lunch - nothing
Dinner - grilled steak, I think string beans...
Dessert - cheesecake

Sunday, September 1st

Breakfast - a piece of cheesecake
Lunch - nothing
Dinner - roasted chicken, roasted potatoes, wild rice, roast beef, string beans.
Dessert - wedding cake

Monday, September 2nd

Breakfast - two eggs, three slices of bacon
Lunch - chourice pizza (chourice is kind of portugese sausage, very popular in Rhode Island)
Dinner - Cajun Style meatloaf and mashed potatoes. - stuffed Quahog (a Quahog is a kind of clam found in Rhode Island)
Dessert - more of that cheesecake

Tuesday, September 3rd

Breakfast - nothing
Lunch - Sesame chicken over brown rice
Dinner - nothing

I did not work out at all over labor day weekend. I was supposed to run with all my brothers, but it rained, and we never did it.

Actually, I did use my younger brothers new weight machine.

about 20 leg presses (100lbs)
about 15 of what the machine calls arm presses (80 lbs)
and about 15 minutes of assorted exercises.
I also showed my brother how to do crunches, so i did about 20 crunches.


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