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I was in Vegas all last week, and didn't have time to write you. I'm very sorry. I'll give you a brief synopsis of the whole adventure, using the forum with which I am most familiar.

Monday, September 9th.
breakfast - nothing
Lunch - some kind of mexican food.
Dinner - all you can eat buffet at Harrahs hotel.

Tuesday, September 10th.
Breakfast - nothing
Lunch - Hamburger and bad fries
Dinner - steak at the WB in the Venetian Hotel

Wednesday, September 11th
Breakfast - nothing
Lunch - chicken sandwich
Dinner - I can't remember where I ate dinner, but i bet it was good...

Thursday, September 12th
Breakfast - danish
Lunch - nothing
Dinner - Chinese food at the Royal Grill in the Venetian Hotel

Friday, September 13th
Breakfast - nothing
Lunch - pasta salad
Dinner - Filet Mignon at the Palm restaurant in Caesars Palace

Saturday, September 14th
Breakfast - nothing
Lunch - one hot dog
Dinner - A bad burrito, and yard long margirita at a mexican restaurant in the Aladin.

Sunday, September 15th
Breakfast - poached eggs and potatoes
Lunch - chicken sandwich in a restaurant in Mandalay Bay
Dinner - Chicken Pad Thai in a Wolfgang Puck restaurant in the MGM Grand

Monday, September 16th
Breakfast - muffin.
Lunch - nothing
Dinner - roasted chicken in New Jersey

Todays weight - 210 lbs.


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