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People are breaking up. Like bad cell phone calls, they are cutting out, losing touch, mis-communicating. Signals are fading, lines severing.

Can you hear me now?

I am counting the safe. Adding up coin and bills. 2, 4, 6, 8.

I think about where this leaves us. Him and me, I mean. Will we eventually just drift to far to decipher each other? Will we become blurred and hazy?

The safe is over 251.54. Fuck.

And where do these people fade into? Where do they go? Do they just disappear?

After recounting the coin order I realize I am missing 250 dollars. That's why the safe was over. Phew.

What if they resurface? New and rediscovered? Suddenly balancing your life again. Can you count on that?

What about that 1.54? How can I account for that?

Even if our love lasts years and years, can we ever be immune? If we complete a certain amount of time together, can we finally relax? Our friends just separated after 20 years of marriage. Him, citing unhappiness, she, broadsided. When did their lines break? When did they stop hearing each other?

Sometimes things add up, sometimes things fall through the cracks, like coins in grate. Lost. Just sinking to the bottom.

Or could they be wishes at the bottom of a well?

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