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I haven't decided how I'm going to handle your trip to Spain yet. At first, I thought I would follow you to Spain and ambush you where you would least expect it. You would be running with the bulls, and I would leap out from around a corner and - Kerblappo! Right in the balls!

Then, I thought, maybe I should just wait for you come back. I'm a very patient man. I've waited three years. There is no expiration date on sweet revenge. But then you wouldn't be living in fear while you were in Spain, and isn't that the point of all of this?

But you bring up an interesting point. If you are trading apartments with this fellow from Spain, then ball kicking law dictates (no pun intended) that the Matt replacement should be the new focus of my rage. Because it's not the man I am raging against, it's the idea of Matt Johnson. So one Matt Johnson is just as good as another.

So my final decision, is that I am going to rage against, Raj - your Ball Kicking Proxy - until you return from Spain. If you are lucky, Raj will have a rendevouz with destiny, and end up on the receiving end of ball kicking justice.


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