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Dear happyrobot forum
Last night I checked into my hotel, the Homestead Suites, in Sterling, VA.

The bilingual, young, male, desk clerk seemed overwhelmed, frazzled, dealing with the handful of weary folks trying to get into their room for the night.

After signing the forms and running my credit card, he hands me a key, and says, 'yours is room 367'.

I proceed to room 367, insert the key, turn the knob, and there is a cherubic blonde woman laying on the bed, wearing a ridiculously ugly top (no bra) made of a fabric resembling a fishnet.

The first words that came out of my mouth were 'oh man.' then, 'sorry, they gave me this key', and I turned around, shut the door, and retreated to the front desk.

I told the guy at the front desk that there was a woman laying in the bed of the room he gave me. he offered no apology, but only said, 'you're luckier than a guy yesterday. he walked in on a dude.'

I wondered what kind of a hotel is this? Then I wondered how that woman must have felt, or what if that was my wife? Or what if I was some kind of creep ex-con sex offender. Or what if that was my room and I wasn't there, but my computer and ipod and suitcase were, and the person coming in was not the most scrupulous dude in the world? I thought i should probably call the management, but then i'd get this dude fired probably. But then again, he kind of deserves it.

Things are never dull when I travel.
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