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bizarro world
every once in a while, i see some shit that makes me think i'm living in some alternate reality.

maybe i've been missing something, but i was paying for gas last night in northern va and there at the register is a fucking device that you can pay for something with your finger.

i'll say that again.


i seriously thought it was a joke and had to ask the lady if it was for real.

have i been living under a rock? this is not right. you should not be allowed to pay with something with your fucking finger. i'm sorry.

then i saw that merle haggard has a new album. i like merle haggard, and some of records over the past several years have been stellar stripped down, honest, and full of pathos and rawness. so anyway, his record, the new one you can only buy it at cracker barrel.

let me say that again.
CRACKER BARREL is selling his record.

they're the only outlet. apparently this is not new. alison krauss and others have also released their records through the cracker barrel music distribution method.

the apocalypse is seriously at hand, folks.

oh and that finger shit is called biopay. tell me that doesn't sound completely fucking evil.
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