Film and Television Rights: Self-Portrait as Prometheus, Detained

God fastened a motion-alarm
to Prometheus and placed him
under house arrest. If he will

reveal the Titan Secret, he'll
be freed. Thoughts of man (his gift
for man) cake on his stomach, on

his bar of soap. He eats enough
for the hungry, for taste. He knows
the hungry have fire, and if they

find food, they can cook. Implore
God to forgive him donuts, pizza,
all kinds of chocolate. His face

expands. God blows in his ear. Blows
him up. His liver is dissolving,
sweats through the pores in his nose,

cheeks, shoulders. God spoons out his liver
from the pores in his nose. The gift
eats away his other vitals,

a constant reminder-depending
on when he wakes, how often he takes
a shower. The Great Nothing held

beneath his tongue, a capsule.
It melts like a wafer, retains
the flavor of salt and iron.

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self-portrait as helen, exiled in egypt #

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