Film and Television Rights: Self-Portrait as a Motion Picture (Romantic Comedy)

Size of ass (big/small) and texture (firm/soft) are logically examined.
Orange cat and/or a yellow dog and/or a small child.

Penis size (matter/not matter) is touched on and possibly
sophisticated allusions to penile enhancement or facsimiles.

Reserve hermit crabs, iguanas and spider-monkeys for pure drama.
No pet snakes ever. Snapping turtles are okay.

A minor character has a fetish. When will it be revealed?
Embarrassed or vilified, he/she will deserve it;

that person is either cantankerous or bad.
Heated/loud discourse on orgasm. Possible mention of gynecologist.

Song plays in entirety. Man and Woman learn to know each other:
theme parks/corn dogs/rainstorm.

There is a gay friend (infrequently close), or an eccentric sister,
mother or younger brother with a nickname.

The other.

Fist through the bathroom drywall. A breakable is thrown: plate/glass/framed diploma.
Counsel: a generous neighbor across the hall, a family member,

a co-worker. A bauble is lost or damaged. A person or pet may die.
Someone somewhere has too much to drink.

Introduced at dinner or by go-carts ramming
or rescuing a child from drowning/falling, they meet,

each frightened and/or aroused.
Exuberant from winning the ballgame or angered by a bullying despot-they make love.

Discharged from work, disqualified from the Olympic trials, stabbed by a rival-comfort.
Swimming. Bathing. Chased by bandits.

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self-portrait as cassandra, on vacation invention

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