Film and Television Rights: Random Mistaken Encounter #1 (June 2003)

Scene: I am walking south on Avenue A towards home, eating a delicious Crif Dog on a warm Saturday afternoon. (Try one wrapped in egg and bacon. MMmm.) There is some sort of festival going on in Tompkins Square Park.

Players: A gaggle of tan, healthy-looking men in tight clothing, with short-cropped hair. Clearly "artistic" with a love of working out, independent film, and visiting the city.

Dialogue: (Begin with exaggerated loud whispers, then full normal voice for a crowded street.)

Guy 1: That's Jim Jarmusch.
Guy 2: Yeah, "Stranger than Paradise," right.
Guy 3: Are your sure?
Guy 4: That is NOT Jim Jarmusch. Jarmusch is skinny. He's fat.
Guy 1: Oh.
Guy 3: Are you sure?
Guy 4: Yeah, too fat.
Me: Celebrities can hear ya know!

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