The Gilmore Girls Chatroom!!!!!!!

Yesterday, on the internet, I noticed there was no one around, except one lonely voice talking to himself on the chat bot. Well, after a busy day at the office, walking home it dawned on me, my inner-junior-high-school-age-girl-child should always have a place I can go to safely chat about made-up fantastical musings and excitedly babble about my trivial analysis of a well-made something I'd nothing to do with the creation of.

And there's nothing I'm itching to talk about more with people I barely know than the WB's hit dramedy, The Gilmore Girls.

I give you, dear robot, the Gilmore Girls Chatroom, now, on the internet. Bookmark the permalink, and come back often, or, hell, never leave.

Please be nice, stay on topic, avoid talking about yourself, and when in doubt, think what would Rory do?

And don't get me wrong, The Gilmore Girls is an absolutely fantastic show.
Don't forget to hit your reload button!

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