Film and Television Rights: Letter of Resignation

June 14, 2006
Supervisor, Job Title
Mammoth Building Address in Midtown
New York, NY

Dear [nice enough, much younger supervisor hired midway through my tenure after the re-org, who at first had only the most basic understanding of my work, which I resented, but eventually got over],

This is to respectfully give notice of my resignation from [huge company], effective June 28. I'm grateful to [huge company owned by even larger company owned by its shareholders with the majority interest held by successive generations of a powerful media family] for these five years of employment, [despite that you took away our flex time and added an hour to our work day because you knew we were all scared timid by the tanking economy] and have enjoyed my time here [especially the downtime spent writing two screenplays and a novel, and, of course, on happyrobot, which you turned a blind eye to, thanks!], the work we've accomplished [seriously, some of it was hard wrought], and the friendships I've made [also true, especially fun was playing on the basketball and softball teams].


John Ball

PS: Woohoo!

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donald t. mcdonald the seal park, july 2006

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