Things I like to Imagine the Women Who Work at My Neighborhood Coffee Shop are Saying about Me.

I think he showers on a regular basis, and cuts his fingernails and toenails almost always when he needs to.

Do you see his Converse flip-flops? I bet he's had them over ten years. They're cool! Tons cooler than all the shower shoes those tan NYU guys wear. It means he's relaxed and doesn't care about trends.

He also wears black socks with sneakers. That's bold! I love him more than ever now!

Staring at his shoes, once again, (they do reveal so much about his interior life, also that he wears clean shirts), I noticed him tapping his foot to the mandolin in that roots music that just played. I wonder if he's Southern? That would give him a depth of character these other coffee shop regulars do not have.

What I like best about him is how he always says, "Good morning, how are you?" before he orders iced coffee! Again, with the iced coffee. He knows what he wants!

Plus, if he receives a cellular telephone call, he stands and walks outside, waits to answer, "Hello?" until he's almost at the door! That's incredible!

Well, he won my heart when he bussed his table. The German tourists always leave their coffee mugs and saucers, expecting us just to come over and clear them off, but that great guy places his used dishes gently in the bus tray!

My favorite thing about him is how he occasionally says, "Thanks, you're very kind," when we bring him food and drinks. Adding the "You're very kind" after "Thanks" means he's really given his gratitude a lot of consideration. Especially at night when he sits alone staring at his computer, drinking beer after beer after beer until we close.

Yeah, I barely notice when he glances at my chest anymore.

Do you think he's a writer? I bet he's interesting, and would make interesting, insightful comments if we talked to him. Especially considering you are a playwright, I'm a filmmaker and everyone else here is a painter or musician. But we should respect his desire to sit quietly and work on his very important work, and not get to know him.

Did you notice he put his head in his hands the night we played that live Nina Simone album? He has depth I tell you. Oh, the passions that must be swirling in his heart. Sometimes it hurts me to look at him, he's shrouded in so much depth of feeling. Tonight I'm going to write about him in my journal.

It's no longer obvious how he pretends not to look at women walking past outside. Every woman. And so what? It just means he's normal, and definitely not perverted or shallow or creepy.

I bet that weight is mostly muscle, and he's not really that old.

That guy is my favorite person that sits and drinks coffee and stares at his computer for several hours at a time!

What a huge tipper! He's rich!

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