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Reading is fun

Lego Car
by Eddie
Wednesday, September 24, 2003

why not just make cars totally stripped down?

I have another idea that just lacks millions of dollars in backing.

I was innocently watching TV (as if that could be accomplished innocently) when a commercial came on for a Navigator. I'm watching the guy flip the back seats up. Open the various sunroofs. And basically drain the battery when it occurs to me, "why does everything have to be automated?" Are we getting so lazy that we need the running board to come out and help us make the treacherous 2-foot step up to the car?

Why does a sunroof have to be electric? Can't we crank it? Why do windows have to be electric was it just way to hard to roll them down? I guess maybe someone got a cramp. For that matter, why do we really need carpeting? Ashtrays? Or anything else the car companies can charge us for?

Have you ever lost your floor mats? Floor mats for an F-150 are a whopping $73. $73! Can't you buy carpeting for an entire room of your house for that? Heaven forbid you actually look to see how much you're paying for that factory radio that only picks up country stations. They say if the average car would cost over $250,000 if it were purchased in parts. What incents the average automaker to strip down cars? Nothing.

So why not just make cars totally stripped down? Just the shell of a car with parts that are easily interchangeable. Wasn't that what a jeep was? If you needed another jeep windshield, you could easily see the screws and take the sucker off. If you needed to take a seat out, you could just take it out. And who needs windows when you have cheap plastic. If I need to have a gasket changed in my car they have to extract the entire engine, take the whole oil pan out, do the hokey pokey and turn themselves around, just to change it.

No I'm not saying that the car has to be something out of the lego lot, but can't we just have the option to buy other accessories. Just leave the holes and I'll buy my own speakers. Just put tabs on the floor where I can stick carpeting. I'm just going to take the carpeting out and put in zebra striped shag anyway.

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