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Reading is fun

Who Wants To Annoy A Millionaire?
by Eddie
Sunday, October 12, 2003

You play golf for a living. PLAY GOLF!

I'm not sure if this particular player was a millionaire or not but I do know that he has won a few events on the European Tour. That would most likely make him a millionaire in prize money and then some subsequent endorsements. I ran into him after the recent NEC Golf tournament while I was waiting to get a better-known golfer's autograph. I figured proximity merited me getting this guy's autograph also.

Now here's how to annoy a millionaire. First, get him to autograph something for you after a not-so-stellar round. Then, when he's giving you his autograph you have this exchange:

Me - "Good round."

Ian - "You think so."

M - "Well... you were in the fairway a lot." (He was #1 of the players in fairways hit.)

I - Hrmph

M - "Hey, it's not a bad day of work is it?"

I - "Trust me, I'd rather be home."

Rather be home? You play golf for a living. PLAY GOLF!
Yep, that means you walk around hitting free golf ball with free clubs while drinking free water on a nice sunny day. You get flown around the world to places that strategically have nice weather. A tough day at the office is an over par round. Homework is hitting practice balls. A deadline is making that pesky 11:04am tee time.

I held my next comment, "Well... you could be digging ditches."

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