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What the world needs now is a think piece about the pandemic
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What the world needs now is a think-piece about the pandemic

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This I believe

» This I believe volume 1: No Tequila at Lunch (12/6/2005)

I live the idea of a zombie account and yes you should use it to buy a Toto toilet
»k (aka cootiegirl) ||  5/16/2020 ||  2:30:56 PM
I LEGIT do not need a reason to speak money on a life changing toilet.
But, if I do, you are all invited over to try it.
»:r ||  5/16/2020 ||  6:12:04 PM
i recently used the flickr community to help/give me courage to fix a 1970s Olympus trip. Fuck yahoo but long live flickr!
»slx.hctulk ||  5/16/2020 ||  8:04:50 PM
I have been trying to install the Japanese Toilet in my apt...
»chrisbug ||  5/17/2020 ||  12:56:19 AM