It's Time
If you ordered a cocktail named the 'happyrobot' what would be in it?
This question has been on my mind for a while and LIFE IS TOO SHORT YA'LL! I gotta do it now. Before it's too late.

Here are ideas.
- Whisk(e)y of sort
I feel like in the happyrobot world, there were always mentions of Scotch or Bourbon back in the day. Whisk(e)y probably needs to be in there.

- Absinthe
Maybe the first time I met Stu (or at least hung out) was at a party that Evan (of Picture Monkey fame) hosted and there was absinthe.

- Banana
We have to have a shout our to HOLD TIGHT MONKEY somehow. Maybe there is a bar spoon of banana liqueur in it.

What am I missing??

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