oh my god. i do love the rock.
we went and saw the GBV last night at Irving Plaza.
it was a great show. of the GBV shows i have seen, this one was pretty much the coolest (i.e. bob wasn't too drunk too quick).

these days it's all about the matt johnson, or as we call him affectionately M.Jo

M.Jo has been working hard as our CTO, so happyrobot world enterprises sent him on a tropical vacation. well, "sent" meaning he is paying for it and planning it, and "tropical" meaning a small, communist run island south of florida. So, M.Jo is on vacation, and we wish him well. i just hope nothing bad happens and we end up with some reverse Elian thing with happyrobot demanding the release of M.Jo and people screaming and holding signs and chanting.

yes! chanting.
"Let M.Jo Go!"
"Hey Hey Ho Ho, Let our M.Jo Go!"

our WWMJD fans (aren't we all) can still submit questions, but you'll have to wait until he gets back for his wise answers.

and WWMJD T-Shirts are coming soon, hopefully by next week. they will be perfect for the whole family.

is it me, or does PONY just rock? i also want this album.

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