Scott sent this to me today, and i can't stop looking. 3 kids in 'burbs who are known as icy hot stuntaz.... "takin the hiphop scene to a whole new level"

I am not sure if this is real or not, but it's some pretty funny stuff. my favorite has to be the photoshop work on the main picture with all it's sparkle. sparkle!!
this is the original site :
this is a great parody site :
few things make me laugh out loud.... this did. good job fellas.

have you seen the hockey story thing? oh, it is cool. our pal Adina sent me an email with a story about a hockey game she had seen. she also included photographs of the tv that she had taken that went along with the story. pretty neat. see it here

everyone is enjoying this link today

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oh my god. i do love the rock. dear mcsweeney‘s

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