tiny wine blog: Guest Post: Grüner Veltliner

[From time to time, my dear friend Kristy sends us an entry for the happyrobot. She is one of our west coast robots and has been in the wine & spirits business for many years.]

What would a hot summer afternoon be without a splash of the sparkly "Grü-V" as they say in L.A.

This is an Austrian white that is hitting the top wine lists across the country, and you should be the first in your neighborhood to serve it up.

Falling somewhere between the bold round world of chardonnay and the blindingly crisp world of sauvignon blanc, this tasty treat is full of lemon, apple and mineral flavors, yet light, clean and refreshingly balanced for hot afternoons or with green summer salads and grilled veggies.

A wonderful change from the way passe pinot grigio -- give it up! Some of the top and affordable brands are Berger and Lois.
Check it out.

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  guest post: a bite of the sparkly?

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