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Car ride
"So I guess you guys are on the same page?"

This from Awais, leaning forward from the back seat.

His dad and I were talking about something that Awais wouldn't have any interest in, but we were agreeing. Disagreeing with the outside world, but pleasantly, easily building a front of "same-sidedness" about I can't remember.

"Ohhh!" His dad says.
"Dave F. used to say that. Remember how he used to say that? Remember how much it used to get on your nerves?"

"Uh, no?"
I don't remember that.

I say, "Iiiii don't remember that. I . . . (casually, as if it's not inconceivable. I could be wrong, although it would be unlike me.) Can't imagine I'd have been all that worried about the phrase ‘on the same page'.
I like the idea."

"But don't you remember? The way he said it? It was just SO ugh! Just SO, just . . . I remember. You don't remember? It used to make you crazy."

I'm thinking- "no, that's the kind of thing that would have made YOU crazy- reading a certain tone of voice into a perfectly reasonable, if not possibly tritely stated, idea".

Not that Dave couldn't get on my nerves. I remember. He could.

I say, a little louder, projecting to the back seat "But, Awais the way you used that phrase is right. That's the idea. And I really like that idea."

From his dad, "What? Are you kidding? That's beautiful Awais. The way you say it is perfect! Perfect! And beautiful."

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