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Carolina Beach '07
I was on the last three pages and the people sitting behind me hollared out- Hey! Harry Potter! Is it good?


Does he die?- a 14 year old asks.


I can't tell you that!

Come on! She says, I'm not going to read it.

But it'll be a great movie. I'm not going to ruin it for you.

I say this in a light hearted/joking way- but the girl looks pissed.

An older guy- uncle or step- father or friend in her group bellows out- that's a kid's book!

The woman next to him who'd been defending Hannah Montana a few minutes before responds- Grown-ups like it too!

I yell back- it's really violent!

I direct this to the 14 year old who looks away, pouting.

Does Harry die? The man asks.

I'm not telling you, I repeat- a little less friendly.

And then I turn back- and read those last few pages- feeling a little vulnerable, but deciding I don't care- the waves, the ocean, Hannah Mantana- I'm a fairly fast reader- but this is a pretty personal moment- kind of stupid, just a kid's book, but screw them.
I'm not telling.

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