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I don't know how you scream like this without hurting yourself
I and J and tagalong K all on their way up the coconut tree.
Car ride

I and J and tagalong K all on their way up the coconut tree.
"I" and "J" are together. They're next to each other.

Yes. That's true.

I think we were talking about the word "jump".

An awesome word. A "J" and a "P" (both great letters)

But, no "I" in jump.

Even though, I and J are supposed to be together.

If you're looking at the alphabet- the whole thing, one can see how tight those guys would have to be.

And yet, here's this fantastic word "Jump"- and "I" is no where to be found.

(. . "i" and "j", "i" and "j". right next to each other and so good together. But then "Jump" comes along so great and yet totally dissing "i"- Not Right. VERY WRONG.
How could this happen to "i"? How could this happen to "jump"?)

But, my Harry boy is rolling with the punches, occasionally disappointed, but hanging in there, excited, enthralled. This kid's going to read.

"Are "i" and "j" boys or girls?" He asks me. (but not really asking, so much as challenging me to guess the right answer)

The answer comes to me in an instant.

No one's ever told me, and before now, no one's ever asked me. I don't know how I know, but I do.

"What do you think?", I ask him.

"Boys", he says with absolute assurance.

I nod, while thinking "of course".

"Boys! Boys! They hate pink! Aaarrrg. Keep them away from Pink!"
Pink! Aaarg!"

"But you know" I say pushing it, kind of reckless and cocky over the I/J business.

"You know there IS an "i" in "pink".

Harry freezes.

I hold still.

He looks down and breathes deep.
Looking up, but not quite at me, he asks, like a guy who's just got to know,

"Is there an 'r' in pink?"

"No", I answer.

"No r'. Do you like r'?"

"Robot is for r'", he announces.

Yes, I say.

"Green is r'.

There's an "r" in the word "green"- I tell him.

And "r" is for "Green frog that Jumps!"

Well, those are several words. And Letters make words. And words make sentences.
And there are a bunch of "r"s- in those words.

That letter "R"- which you like. . . I finish lamely.

As if he's embarrassed for me, Haaris looks away. This is a new "not looking" look.
He's somehow staying more present.
Before he runs away he makes one of his sounds, this one "phah"- seems to mean, "Of course."

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