Albert and the Underwear Man
by nate
Dress Code
by nate
by Corinn
Dance for me
by nate

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Reading is fun

Found Poetry
by ericS
Saturday, August 17, 2002

Your friend Jill and I had some drinks this eve after my writing workshop. We have been collecting "found poetry". You know, shit you find that is not intended as poetry, but when taken out of its context and put into poetry formation, it becomes brilliantissimo. We have compiled some dandies.

I got a concussion
over the weekend
in Chicago
at a tournament
I am having trouble focussing
and am nauseous
I'm going to the hospital
I won't be in class
This is my assignment


- student note, Boston University

These buttons
hold a secret history
Her mother used to put them on her panties
when she was but a girl

- note accompanying antique buttons for sale, Rowley, MA

The Cycle of a Hamburger

Fat Cow
Cow is slaughtered
Meat is processed
Meat is packaged and sent to store
Meat is bought, cooked and eaten
Hamburger is digested
Turned to fertilizer
Fertilizer is put in grass
Cow eats grass
Repeat steps 1-9

- science project on wall of Hasidic school, Boston, MA

The Life and Times of a Shoe

A cow is born
A cow is killed
The leather is sent to a shoe factory
The leather is put into a machine
With rubber and cotton
In a Southeast Asia sweatshop
A mud wresler buys the shoe
The shoe is worn in mud
The shoe is ruined
The shoe is thrown out
Leather disintegrates

- science project on wall of Hasidic school, Boston, MA

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