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Reading is fun

regarding thongs
by anonymous female contributor
Friday, January 17, 2003

I've always been interested in the hint of underwear as it peeks out into a brighter and fresher world

I can see the thong of the girl sitting in front of me. Not the outline of the thong as it imprints her trousers, but the actual thong. Her trousers are at the construction workers' level and the top "T" is protruding out with about an inch of the T-trunk rearing its head and then journeying down into the anal depths. The soft fuzzy skin of her upper buttocks is exposed between the top "T" of the thong and the trousers hanging below.

Just as I began to describe this spectacle she attempted to tuck her thong back inside her trousers. Now it looks like and upside down "L". I can't stop glancing over. (Neither, it seems can the girl sitting next to me.) True, I've always been interested in the hint of underwear as it peeks out into a brighter and fresher world. The occasional appearance of a hole or an overly worn look makes me smile. [I am not alone] Cotton, Satin, Frill, Wide Elastic, Thin Elastic, Gathered, Plain, Decorated, Pastel, or Bold. I'm envious of the styles and designs I've been exposed to. (They've unawares exposed to me.) However, this is my first experience with a protruding thong.

Thongs have always been a curiosity to me. Once, I bought two pair. A friend of mine had been testifying to the unequivocal freedom and exhilaration that she associated with her thong usage. So, I thought I'd give them a go. First of all, I think I got the wrong size. If you are going to get the wrong thong be sure to go too big! Secondly, I felt exposed, NUDE somehow. As insecure as I have always been about my appearance, it did not help to feel as if my butt was bouncing in opposite rhythms. Needless to say, I retired the thongs. (Curiously I gave them to Goodwill. Would anyone buy them?)

Over the years, however, the thong question has returned. Maybe, I thought, I wasn't mature enough to handle exotic underwear at the time. But the answer, as I see it (literally) now, is a resounding NO. I will not open myself up to the possibility of thong protrusion.