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Reading is fun

Hold tight monkey
by adina
Saturday, August 17, 2002

it's funny about monkeys

you know, it's funny about monkeys.

a couple of years a go i was a nanny for this toddler named Oriana. when she woke up after her nap she would be all sweaty and groggy, so i would get her some juice and put on a video. One time we were watching a curious george video. she was still in her sleeper/sleeping bag, and snuggled next to me, sucking her thumb and blinking at the tv. Well, curious george was up to all sorts of monkey-ish antics.

At one point he grabbed some balloons from a clown and started rising up and flying away over the circus ground. Oriana plucked her thumb from her mouth and shouted in her squeaky 2-yr old voice "HOLD TIGHT MONKEY!"

I use that expression a lot.

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