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by nate

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Reading is fun

Dance for me
by nate
Monday, May 10, 2004

"I saw them first!" - I wanted to shout it in the other smiling faces that saw young love personified in dance.

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At the tail end of the song where I fell in love with the older couples' movements, I noticed a pair less than half their age dancing in another quadrant of the dance floor. At first the floor looked oddly vacant where they danced as though a sour spot in the floor kept everyone else away. A patch of vacant floor space at an event like this with the level of excitement and number of dancers seemed completely out of place. It was out of place, but not because of a soft spot in the floor. The floor space was greater around these two young dancers because they danced so remarkably well that all other dancers deferred a portion of their own space to allow their flourishing movements to shine even more brightly than they might in a more confined area.

I found myself edging closer to the magnetism of their elegance. The boy stood tall, probably a few inches beyond six feet tall, and his lanky, lean body responded to each step with confidence reserved for someone classically trained in dance. His lean arms swung deliberately from his pale red Hawaiian print shirt draped loosely over a pair of tan khaki shorts, staying in contact at all times with his partner. His face was long like the rest of his features but not disproportionate to his body. Short, wavy black hair topped his handsome face, which sported a short goatee. His high cheekbones rested over what looked to be a perpetual smile hovering beneath sparkling dark, flashing eyes. He looked like a young god burst from the Acropolis in the sudden and necessary creation of a dancer made expressly for other gods to follow and humans to look upon in awe.

His partner moved with him as if grafted at convenient points onto his skin, detaching when the motion required, but elastically drawn back to maintain needed contact. She was petit, perhaps five and a half feet tall weighing no more than a hundred pounds-each and every pound placed on her skeleton perfectly. The boy's hands looked as if they could encircle her waist completely as she moved the taut, tanned skin of her muscular thighs beneath her. She wore denim hot pants laced at the sides of her hips near the hem. Her midriff showed off a six-pack of abdominal muscles beneath a closefitting white halter-top. This lovely young dancer's face was smooth skinned and tanned like the rest of her body. Almond eyes flashed at the boy's from beneath a high forehead with hair pulled back into a small ponytail. Her dark hair pulled so tightly added to her very delicate appearance; an appearance whose delicacy was betrayed by the sharp, quick footed movement seen with every step.

The pair moved with a different gracefulness than the older couple I'd admired earlier. The exuberance of every step would've been apparent if one couldn't see the expressions on their faces, but a single stolen glance at how they viewed each other confirmed the carefree feeling their movements broadcast. Coming out of a turn she would throw her head back and laugh, as would he, both of them kicking a foot to the side with a bit of bravado. They had the confidence to not look at their fellow dancers while knowing just where the others moved relative to their own piece of dance floor real estate. The two kids, and I call them kids only because they had to be in their twenties-sad to admit, all people who are in their twenties are now kids to me-they loved what they were doing.

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