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Tales From Sundance
So I went to the Sundance Festival this year, thanks to my lovely girlfriend who got me a ticket for Christmas. And here is a random tale from my experience there...

I went to see a string of short films, one of which was a 20 minute thing called "Sweet Dreams". It's plot was thus; young Spanish boy stealthily eats an entire cake and goes to bed happy...spends rest of movie being severely beaten in turns by his mother and father...sleeps out in a barn where he wakes up covered in rats...goes back inside only to be beaten some more...decides to hang himself after overhearing his mother say things like "I should've gotten an abortion"...THE END

Afterward there was a Q&A with the director, and someone asked him about the story and where it came from. The director's response was...

"I felt it was a story that needed to be told"


I am going to make a movie about a dancing beef jerky that gets a jury summons and skips out on it, deciding instead to spend his time throwing eyebrow hair at old folks as they enter a nursing home. At the end of the film the jerky will (naturally) burst into flames.

When someone asks me where the story came from, you know what I'm gonna say!

Join us tomorrow for another exciting "Tales From Sundance".

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