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[From time to time, my dear friend Kristy sends us an entry for the happyrobot. She is one of our west coast robots and has been in the wine & spirits business for many years.]

The quick sip on Rose’ is this -- drink it young, drink it cold, and drink it as much as you can this summer. California ones like Fife and Saintsbury are big, bold, deliciously full of fruit and ripe berry flavors, while those from France, Italy and Spain are full of strawberry fields in the nose, typically lighter styled, with a brisk, lean, juicy yet dry palate. Some can be very dry, but for the most part they make your mouth water for more. Anyway you can get it, give it a shot. Don’t let it fool you - this ain’t the semi sweet bastardized world of white zinfandel that made the scene in the 70's in Sutter Home jug wines. Rose’ deserves some attention. It is an informal patio sipper wearing a liesure suit. Let this righteous summer refresher entertain you this afternoon. It’s hot. Keep a bottle or two on hand in your fridge this summer and don't be afraid to break it out for brunch.

They go amazingly well with grilled burgers, salty tapas like olives, anchovies, pizza wedges, grilled onions and zucchini, goat cheese and spinach omelettes or anything else you can think of. Bring it on!

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