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Haier BC112G 30 Bottle Wine Refrigerator with LED Display
8:51pmIt's odd that there isn't a ton of information and "real life" reviews of wine coolers - especially in regard to the mountains of information about everything else wine related.
Or is just me?

I spent a few months researching coolers for our small NYC apartment and ended up going with this Haier unit for a few reasons.
(1) We have had good luck with Haier appliances before. Our AC is made by them and it kicks butt (as much as large window unit ACs can).
(2) This cooler was the right size as it had to fit in a certain space.
(3) Shipping. I ordered it from the local electronics shop, J&R, and they deliver within the NY Metro area. If you spend anytime reading reviews of these wine coolers, you'll find countless stories of them showing up damaged. J&R uses a delivery service and we had it within two days. This, in hindsight, was the main reason.


The cooler itself is quiet. The compressor motor turns on from time to time, but it isn't loud - even though my desk is about two feet away from it.
I have a proper thermometer that I keep in there and the temp between that and the digital display match up. The shelves themselves may be the best and worst feature. The bad part is that they are metal and are a little rough when sliding bottles in and out. I can imagine that you could scuff up the labels if you weren’t careful. The good is that they are adjustable and if you are clever and played Tetris enough, you can fit a few more than 30 bottles in – depending on the size of course.
In mine, we have squeezed in about 38 bottles.
It is handsome enough. Sometimes at night, I turn the light on and look at the wine.

Almost every review I saw mentioned that the glass on this cooler is UV proof. Or UV resistant. Not a huge deal as ours went in our tiny second bedroom facing a wall.

Over at Google Docs, I have a spreadsheet of the models I was looking at. It's not much - size and price.
But you might find it handy.

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