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That was a birthday
I don't mean to brag or boast, but I have some very lovely friends. Recently I celebrated a milestone-ish birthday.
Not 16. Or 18. Or 21. Or 30. But, the other one. The one that makes me feel a bit nauseous when I think about it.
What helped the nausea was a collection of fine wine & spirit gifts from friends.

First, whisky
(right, I understand it's supposed to be about wine).
Birthday Whisky
Rittenhouse 25yr old Rye Whisky.
Yamazaki 12yr old Whisky.
I am quite fond of both of Yamazaki and Rittenhouse - although I have never had this 25yr old before.

Then, wine!
1970 Vintage Port
Producer: J.W. Burmester
Holy cow. This will be tasty (I hope).

1970 Port

1970 Rioja
Producer: López de Heredia
I have had wines from Lopez de Heredia once before. We had their rosado/rosé last fall - the current vintage is 1998.
High acidity, nutty flavors (actual nuts and also crazy nutty), beautiful color.
I've never had their proper red, so this should be super cool.
Here's a review from their importer's website. Apparently this wine is drinking well from 2009 to 2030. And it's a 1970. The crazy!
López de Heredia: 1970

López de Heredia: 1970

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