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Wine Dinners at Apiary
9:29pmI am trying to organize monthly wine-dork dinners at Apiary - the restaurant in the East Village that does a no-corkage fee night on Mondays and also happens to serve some tasty food. We went recently and it was a great fun. We had a wine educator, a wine retailer, a wine writer, a wine marketer, and me (who does something).
The wines!

Foxen's Sea Smoke Pinot Noir
10:03pmOh, California. Much to the chagrin of my west coast friends, I don't normally drink California wines and I can never add anything to the conversation when they are discussing these tiny cult wineries in wherever that do whatever however. This Foxen was given to me by a west coast friend as a gift and I decided that it needed to be opened.
Fans of California wines seem to love the Sea Smoke wines or find them overrated. We enjoyed this wine a great deal, even though I don't think anyone thought it was very Pinot Noir-y. The colors, aromas, and flavors are very extracted. Fruit forward and almost jammy. Spice (due to a little brettanomyces someone thought). All in all, a pretty tasty wine even though it had many elements that I traditionally don't go for.

This was the first thing we had and now I can't remember exactly which one it was. I thought it was the Grand Cuvee, but now I think it was a rose'. Forgetting which Krug you had with dinner is a pretty #firstworldproblem.

Sinsky 1999 Pinot Noir
We visited the Robert Sinsky winery a few years ago and have enjoyed some of their wines. That said, this was stinky. We debated whether it was a good stinky or a bad stinky. I forgot what we decided because I just went back to drinking the Foxen.
Like the Foxen, this was a big, extracted wine. Super dark and with large flavors and aromas (unfortunately some of those stinky). Also like the Foxen, if I was drinking this blind, I'd hate to guess what I would think it was. Not very Pinot Noir-y.

Philippe Bornard Tant-Mieux Rose
7:10pmThis was the dorkiest wine we had.
It's from the Jura, which on it's own is a pretty dorky wine region full of crazy producers, obscure grapes, and equally crazy wine making techniques. So, it was dorky to start with - but this may be the dorkiest of all because it was a sparkling rose from the Jura.
Pink. Sparkly. A tad residual sugar in it. The grape is Poulsard, a tasty red grape that I enjoy immensely. Some of the examples I have had are straight up delicious in that, "I need another glass of that NOW!" way.

Livio Felluga Picolit
This is a lovely dessert wine from northern Italy (Friuli, towards the northeast) made from the Picolit grape - and it is 'lovely'. It defines lovely. Soft fruit and floral notes. Peach. Crisp but rich. This was our last wine and a tasty end of the evening that we paired with a tasty cheese plate.

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