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Puri Perspective
We had 3 days in Puri and it was sweet. The first day we headed straight for the beach and sat under a pink canvas and gawked at the water. The second day we braved Lord Juggernaut's temple, but we were not allowed in cuz we are not Hindus. We were allowed to climb an adjoining roof, however, and peer over the wall. Quite ornate. I am too tired for descriptions. Lord of the universe, Jaggernaut, who does not recognize castes, looks like aHawaiian deity. The Big Cahuna, or something.

The part of Puri where we stayed was the Lonely Planet crowd's hangout. But it was exactly what we were looking for. A little artificial village where people talk about their journey and put it all into perspective over a bhang lassi (Finally. Lovely!) this one British guy had a theory that there is a conspiracy among indians to sap your energy. He says they try to make you hate them and your personal challenge is to find the love. Du-ude.

My feet were looking wretched, so I went for an ayurvedic pedicure but decided to splurge ($5) on a facial that ended up includng a full upper-body massage. It rocked. The aesthetician expressed surprise when I told her I was almost 30 (10 days, folks!). I asked her if my skin was good for my age and she said: "no, it is because of the pimples that I thought you were younger." zing! She also told me that my moustache was looking ugly (Orissa frankness here) and insitsed on threading it. Now I havea very shiny upper lip and I miss my Frida Khalo homage (Jolen is my method, actually).
Sasha has been sad lately. Perhaps it is a culture shock thing (section 3 cyberjeunes handbook). I have made a determined choice to maintain my sense of humour at all costs, even when I end up transcribign a 4-page longhand testimonial that makes very little sense for the website. We are both frustrated about the work situation. To say it is absurd would be an understatement. But I am worried that it is seriously bumming S. out. And I am trying exercise empathy but still enjoy this experience through my own eyes.
Last night we hung out with Sunil who was in town from Jagatsinghpur and his friends studying art here in Bhubaneshwar. We had a great time. Ate dum aloo and channa massala and chapattis at his parents house (holy starch) and drank beer at the student place while Sunil's friend painted watercolors of me and Sasha.

3 more days and back to smelly Delhi.

new words in Oria:
motte buco laguti-I am hungry
Hu-ey- it happens
tiffin-snack (they do not knwo this word is not English)

Men here pee in the streets with impunity. I think they love to turn their backs to the noisy street and make a big demonstration about holding their weiner and shaking it. FYI, when you eat a lot of curry, your pee smells very strong.

common sentences in Orissa:
You will marry your boyfriend?
You have taken beer?
50-50 (pifty pifty).

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