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Happy birthday Chris
In 3 weeks we will meet in Bangkok and travel and sun ourselves on the beach, and befriend monkeys and eat noodles and have good vacation time. So now I am dating a thirty-five-year-old man. How sophisticated is that? I don't like to get all mushy on the bot cuz some things are private or if they are not private I don't know what they are-I just don't feel right writing about them. So insert mushy sentiments here.

Here in India, you would never know there was an "coalition of the willing". War? What war? According to the Hindustan Times, Bollywood diva, Priety Zinta, will spend Valentine's day at home with her nephews, making cookies.
It is amazing how bad some of the papers are here.
The only tv source I have is bloody awful CNN and BBC UK. My time online is restricted here (phone lines and all), but I hear the drum rolls of war regardless, no Hindi rock ballad will drown it out. I bet the US army can't wait to see if their new weapons work. Bill Hicks did a great impression of the last gulf war. I wish he were still around.

This war had better not ruin my vacation. You would not believe how much September 11 has decimated the tourist industry in Asia. It is heart-breaking to see all these people destitute because people are too scared to leave the home and hearth.

I keep getting lost in Delhi. Really lost. But I eventually find my way, I really do. How lucky is that? Nirantar is near the Arbindaur Ashram. After a frustrating trip yesterday, I decided to tell the rickshaw to take me to the ashram. He took me 10 km in the wrong direction, took my rupees, told me I had arrived, and drove away. I walked into an electronics shop to ask them directions and they happened to be the suppliers to the office and drove me here (20 km, other direction). 13 million people in this city.

Today, I had homemade potato parathas, curd and tea delivered to me in bed. The new guesthouse be good.

I can't believe Rich and Rachel Robot are in Toronto Towne without me. Stay warm, monkeys!
Have a crantini at the Cameron for me!

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