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rocks and water
I have decided to eat less in the next few days. No need to have 3 big meals when I sit on my butt all day. This morning I skipped the fried veggie cutlets and headed for the juice stand where pomegranate and oranges are pushed through a machine with what looks like a big wooden dreidle. was careful to make sure he did not put in massala, but when I was not watching, he put in some sugar. lots of it. Ick.
Did I spell pomegranate right? Looks funny.

This morning my rickshaw driver had the most brilliant green eyes I have seen. He is from Bhopal.

I am trying to get them to invite me on a field visit to chikaroot in Uttar Pradesh where the "new-literate" women in villages create a paper once a month. At the end of the month, women from this NGO help them put the stories together. The paper looks awesome. I wish I could read Hindi.

Last night there was a crazy storm, and today everyone is clear-eyed, like the February blahs (that seem to hit Delhi, too) got aired out.

I have a confession to make: I went to see the James Bond movie last night. They cut out the sex scenes, I think. Halle Berry seemed kind of embarassed to be in it but everyone else seemed to be havign a great deal of fun with the cheesy script. Well it was either that or Kate and Leopold.

A friend is back in town because his brother-in-law was killed either for a legal case he just won over land or because of his activist leanings. No one is sure yet. I am not sure I will see him. He told me that India is a violent country and from the stories I hear these days, I think he was right. Bindu told the story of a widow last year who was being protected by a friend of her husband from the recurring rape by brother-in-law. He was killed by her relatives.

Nirantar teaches women to be mechanics for their village water pump. They then teach them to read so that they can keep records of maintenance. One thing leads to another and the next thing you know they are talking about their right to make choices in their lives.

When the learners were asked what the earth is filled with, one said "rocks and water" because that is what comes up when you dig.

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