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Don't mess with my tuk tuk
I am finally in Bangkok. Worked to the last minute (long hours) to get the website done and grabbed an overnight flight to Bankok. And Chris came to meet me at the airport. It is indescribably wonderful to see him.

We are either heading North or South in the next couple of days. The south would be beaches and a cottage by the water and fruit and massage.
The North would be forests and trekking and cooking schools and hot springs.
We have lots of recommendations already, but if there is a place you really recommend, let me know!!!

Women exposing skin. They are out at night, running stalls! Chinatown at midnight, sesame balls in sweet ginger broth at a stand on the road. Israelis, Westerners everywhere.

Less angstful, needy energy towards tourists than India. So much more laid back. I wore a tanktop and the only person who got fresh with me was Chris which is a good thing because I was not feeling so sexy after 3 months or rich Indian butt-increasing food.

I think I caught something when I ate in the village near chitrakoot. I have been sick and weak for days and I won't even mention the poo but let's just say it was more like #1 than #2. I tried ayurvedic meds and gastrolyte, but just buckled and took the cipro antibiotics. Western meds are so instantaneous. Within hours, I started to feel more stable.

More later.

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