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The danger of verbal agreements

Sorry I haven't contacted you recently. I have been trying to scrape
together rent for you. I have not been successful. I moved my stuff out to a friends place temporarily and will give you a cheque to cover the time in April I have spent at 344 ($300 should cover it-postdated for the 17th). I have never found myself in this situation before but staying at 344 has drained me financially. I don't have any credit over here otherwise I would have got an overdraft. I know this is going to be a nightmare for you, as it has become for me but I can't do anything about it. I have not called the Moldes' either. I shall drop the keys and cheque in an envelope off at 344 before Friday marked for your attention.

I am really sorry about letting you down; I feel like a total scumbag (if thats any consolation)

Aaron : (

This guy has a full-time job as a mac technician. Surely he has a salary comprable to the starting salary I had at the CBC that allowed me to pay for rent, feed myself and pay 400 a month in student loan.

Who does this? Was he even planning on telling me he was moving out?
Does the sad emoticon indicate his modicum of conscience?

Could someone please find me work FAST? I am so screwed.

I had so much bad luck with Macintosh computers and their repair-people. I am so going PC.

I know all of you in Toronto can figure out where he works and therefore who he is, and perhaps posting his bad behaviour online is vengeful. I am a small, angry person right now.

If anyone can find me some work in Toronto, I will be grateful. I will also be looking for a cheaper apartment. My email for job ideas is:

I just got a bit of a better apology from him and a promise of a bit more money when he gets his May paycheque. Call off the dogs!

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